Would you Like a Drone Building Inspection in Swindon?

If you are wanting a drone building inspection in Swindon, then Modtex Interiors can help. Our team can help clients in Swindon and Wiltshire with office refurbishment services, leaving you with a working environment that is finished to a fantastic professional standard. We keep our prices competitive, but maintain first class professionalism and undertake each service with hard work, skill and efficiency. You can also come to Modtex Interiors if you are looking for aerial droning services, which can be used for a range of purposes. Why not reach out to us today to see how we can help?


Why Invest in a Drone Building Inspection?


There are several benefits to having a drone building inspection in Swindon. A drone building inspection in Swindon can give you a perspective that you will struggle to get in other ways, allowing you to inspect areas of the building clearly and easily. A drone building inspection in Swindon will also eliminate the risk of somebody having to work at height which is good for health and safety. The fact that a drone building inspection in Swindon doesn’t involve height also means that supports such as scaffolding, or similar equipment, does not have to be set up and this can be time and cost saving. 


You can rest assured that the drone pilot that will be controlling the drone building inspection in Swindon will have the training required to carry out the service to a high standard, and capture high quality footage. If you want reassurance of this, please feel free to head over to the website and take a look at the great publications and media that our pilots' photography and videography have been featured in, and more examples of past work can be found here.


What other Services do We Offer?


If you are not going to require a drone building inspection in Swindon, then there are several other services that our drone pilot can offer to you whether you need help with a creative project, agricultural droning services, or wedding pictures that are one of a kind, we can help you with this and more. And its not just droning services we can help you with, Modtex Interior are qualified and experienced in carrying out full office refurbishments, all the way to the interior decorating of your new office. Some of the services we provide include helping with a range of suspended ceilings types, partitions and work on toilet cubicles 


Want to Find out More? 


If you would be interested in finding out more about how we can help with your drone building inspection in Swindon, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team, who will be happy to discuss your project with you over the phone on 01793 771168. Alternatively, you can communicate with us by email, using or you can send a message with the contact form.