Trying to Search for Drone Photography in Swindon?

Are you looking for help with drone photography in Swindon? Then you’ve come to the right place. At Modtex Interiors, we are an experienced interior construction business with a real passion for drone photography in Swindon. We are able to provide you with a fully qualified, fully insured drone pilot who has experience in taking aerial photography and videography in an array of climate, conditions and locations. 


We can provide different types of drone photography in Swindon whether its for weddings, marketing purposes, creative projects, special events, agricultural services or home photography services. To see some of our drone photography in Swindon, just head over to our website to see the footage our experts have captured, and what can provide to you. 


Using drone video footages or drone photography in Swindon is an excellent option for marketing purposes or for creative projects as aerial footage is the next and upcoming way of making videos. When using drones, you can create videos and photos with more of the atmosphere, as it gives you a wider lens angle, where you can either move into or out of a focus place, giving your footage more depth and making it more interesting than having photos or videos captured from the same lens level. 


Another benefit is that drones can capture photos at a fair height, whereas a normal camera crew is not able to take footage as they don’t have the right equipment to do so, and hiring a helicopter or flight equipment would cost too much for some simple footage. More often clients now request aerial footage and normal camera crews are unable to deliver the quality required, hence why we are often the top choice for some clients when it comes to drone photography in Swindon Furthermore, as we are experienced drone pilot we are able to manoeuvre drones to capture photos and videos in tight areas smoothly due to the way they operate, whereas normal camera crews would struggle or cause video footage to be shaky from the steps they may have to take. 

So, if you require help with drone photography in Swindon then you need to contact us today. We are able to provide you with some stunning video footage and photos at an affordable price. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate, so we’re confident you won’t be disappointed when you hire our services. To make an enquiry you can call us on 01793 771168 or you can email us on and we will get back to you shortly.