Are You Looking to Install Suspended Ceilings in Wiltshire?

Are you looking for a reliable company who can install high quality suspended ceilings in Wiltshire? Well, if you said yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Modtex Interiors. We are a specialist office renovation company that can provide a wide range of quality services including the installation of suspended ceilings. As a business, since our establishment, we have helped a number of companies with a vast array of commercial refurbishments, so they can have an office space that truly fulfils their specific business needs and requirements. If you’re in need of a suspended ceiling, office partitioning or even a full office refurbishment, then make sure you get in touch with us.

Here at Modtex Interiors, all our refurbishment works and services, including our suspended ceilings in Wiltshire, are carried out by a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals. As a business, in the past, we have completed suspended ceiling and refurb projects for Intel, Nationwide, BD and many other big corporate companies, so if you wish to join their ranks by having a top-quality office refurbishment so your staff can work in the best working condition, we are the company to contact. 

What are suspended ceilings?

A suspended ceiling is a set of panels, tiles or frames that hang a few feet below the main structural ceiling which is often used to help conceal mechanical and electrical services within the ceiling void or so contractors can easily integrate lights and sensors within the ceiling without any hassle. Suspended ceilings are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to enhance your office environment. There are a wide variety of tiles and grid systems to suit every kind of needs and requirements, and the benefit is that no one would know the difference between a suspended ceiling or your building's actual ceiling. So, if this something you require for your building or property, then make sure you contact us

Why should you choose to install a suspended ceiling?

For many office spaces, ducts, pipes, cables and wiring are required to help a building function appropriately, however, if these elements are left exposed it can often reduce the value of your building, but a simple suspended ceiling can help prevent this. Not only this but thanks to the easily-removable ceiling panels, after those elements are hidden, if any of those utilities need repairing or servicing, they can be easily accessed without requiring any major works. 

So, if you’re looking for a company that can install high quality suspended ceilings in Wiltshire, then make sure you contact us. Here at Modtex Interiors, we have years of experience in doing this kind of work, so you can have the confidence in knowing that your office refurbishment will be in safe hands. You can give us a call on  01793 771168, or alternatively you can email us at, and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.