Do you Need a Professional Office Refurbishment in Swindon?

Are you currently working in Swindon, and think that it would be a good idea to get your office refurbished? Well, Modtex Interiors is the ideal company to work with. We are a Swindon-based company who are able to offer a wide range of services in order to make an office space a more functionable and productive place. As a business, we are able to provide our services to clients based in Swindon and Wiltshire, but would be willing to travel further in order to satisfy demand.


What Services Do We Offer?


Here at Modtex Interiors we offer an extensive range of services to benefit existing office spaces. All of the services that we provide are completed professionally and to a very high-standard. Some of the services we offer, include;


  • Suspended Ceilings

  • Partitioning

  • Office Refurbishments

  • Glazed & Demountable Partitions

  • Aerial Droning


We have a qualified team of experts, all of whom have received the correct training in order to allow them to complete all of their projects to an extremely high standard. We have worked on multiple projects in different environments, and have a wealth of experience and knowledge, whilst adapting to all scenarios.


Why Work with Modtex Interiors?


If you are in need of an office refurbishment in Swindon, then maybe you should consider Modtex Interiors as your chosen company to complete this project for you. Our expert staff always give 100% effort and do their best to ensure that they complete their project to the best of their ability in order to give our customers a complete service and maximum satisfaction. 


Additionally, we can offer an extremely wide range of services, and are able to complete your office refurbishment in Swindon with lots of different characteristics, such as partitions within the office. Despite being able to complete lots of these services at extremely high quality, we are also able to offer these at competitive prices in order to generate the most business and provide as many of our customers with maximum satisfaction.


Ways to Get In Touch


If you would like more information regarding office refurbishment in Swindon, then please feel free to contact us. We are available by phone on 01793 771168, and also via email on If you would like any further information, before making your decision, please head over to our website.