What The Office Says About Your Business

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We put so much effort into making our house a home, we decorate, renovate, build and demolish where necessary, add furniture, take it away again and then sit and smile for six months or so before we start all over again. We all want our homes to be warm and welcoming and we secretly revel in the positive comments our friends make about our homes, spending just over 1 year combined through our lifetime cleaning – Distractify

Yet we spend approimaely1680 hours a year at work. Some people personalise their working space, others pretend work doesn’t exist as soon as they leave, but what do clients think about your workspace?

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Whether it is an extra plant here or there, or a sophisticated piece of art on the wall, even large companiess are looking into ensuring the office reflects the attitude of the company. But what does a workspace say about your company?

Colour psychology:

Most people don’t envision brightly coloured offices when they think about work, but even neutral colours tell a lot about the kind of business you run.

See what your office is saying about your business.

Alternatively, what you or your workers do to their personal workspaces will also give clients an insight into how you work and really give a personal touch.

The messy desk approach:

“Leave me alone – I’m too busy” can be an automatic reaction to your colleagues messy workspace however studies suggest that messy workers are more creative and just as productive as workers who take on the cleaner approach.

The tidy desk hypothesis:

“Come on it – don’ be scared to sit down” is generally what people prefer to see when they come into a workplace. Studies show that people who have cleaner workspaces are more likely to give charitably, eat more healthily and, interestingly, stay away from crime.

Look at the study in full here.

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